We are so excited to start the slow process of opening up. Here are our guidelines:

Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment. Once you arrive,  call the salon -410-592-5543 and tell them you are here. While you are on the phone you can make your next appointment at that time to eliminate time at the front desk. Please stay in your car.  

We will call you back once we are  ready to tell you to come to the door. There you will get your temperature taken by touch less forehead scan. If you have a fever of 99.6 or higher you will be asked to go home and reschedule.

You are to be required to wear a mask that goes around your ears and can get hair and color on. You’ll be pumped with hand sanitizer. You will come in and sit at the  station. We are sorry to say at this time there will be no shopping for boutique items or shampoo so if you would like something you can tell us and we will be glad to get it for you.

You will be able to use the restroom but there will be no magazines or books. Please no drinks or food at this time. Limit your coats and purses if you can.

The salon is only allowed 10 people at a time so if there is two of you getting a haircut one will have to wait in the car until their haircut. Please if you feel sick or have been around anyone that is sick please cancel your appointment and reschedule for 14 days later.

Thank you all for being so patient through all of this. We  can’t wait to see you all!