Take on your most pressing skin concerns with our treatment-specific regimens, focused on skin aging, brightening and hyper pigmentation, adult acne and shaving. >MORE


For more than 50 years, Kenra has been formulating and producing hair care products using only the finest ingredients.  Kenra products are distinguished by using a blend of pharmaceutical-grade and cosmetic-grade ingredients that provide extraordinary performance. >MORE


Products at Loma are high performing with naturally healing ingredients and essential oil based fragrances. From the beginning in 1991, product purity is at the forefront, all Loma products are Paraben and Gluten free, Sulfate free cleansing and Sodium Chloride free, and all products are good for your hair and skin!  >MORE

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A revolutionary 3-part biomimetic system that allows you to lighten & colour without compromising the integrity of the hair. VITAPLEX protects the hair during the chemical process, minimizing breakage, reducing cuticle damage & improving elasticity. >MORE


Malibu hair products help improve the look, feel and health of your hair. The Malibu shampoo and conditioner are 100% vegan, preservative free hair care products. Choose a Malibu hair treatment like Malibu C scalp wellness conditioner that helps prevent oxidation of chlorine from water to keep your scalp healthy.  >MORE


Skin care is more than “correcting” or even “preventing,” it’s about unleashing your skin’s full potential. Obagi  has created inclusive products that support the diversity we all bring to the table. Scientifically backed, clinical-quality formulations to promote healthy, future-facing skin. >MORE


A family-owned company committed to the highest quality products and to the customers’ well-being, OPI has long been a leader in the community and within the Professional Beauty Industry.  >MORE