I began my journey with massage and bodywork in 2004. Since 2001 my professional background has been in the field of psychology. I understood that healing touch was invaluable to a path forward for a mind and body seeking to heal, so I sought to learn all I could to share this healing.

Hoping to bring back to clients ways to gently support body movements focused on increasing flexibility and balance, I traveled to Trimbakeshwar, India where I studied Yoga Sopan, Yoga Parichaya, and Yoga Pravesh.

I studied pre and perinatal massage therapy with the intention of supporting expectant mothers and the life within, through their journey growing together.

My primary focus is on meeting others where they are, be it in seeking pain relief or stress- reduction and relaxation. For those seeking pain relief, I work to assist in alleviating pain and holding patterns in the body through use of Trigger Point Therapy and methods of Myofascial Release. We work together with Swedish techniques to provide for circulatory support, rest, relaxation and stress-reduction.

I believe it's important to give ourselves and our loved ones every opportunity to thrive, and know massage and bodywork to be of these gifts. I remain grateful to work with clients on their journey towards peaceful healing.

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